Java Developers

Turku, Tampere, Helsinki, Oulu, Jyväskylä | Full-time | Fully remote


We are now looking for new experienced Java buddies to join our top-notch team and help us build outstanding solutions and better tomorrow for our strategic customers.

What are we looking for exactly?

To put it simply: Senior Java Software Developers (full stack or backend). Other must-haves are strong communication and teamwork skills. And any prior experience in cloud environments and cloud architecture would be a great add to your skillset and something that we’d value.

What kind of job is it, really?

Well, a great one! You get to work in close cooperation with our Vincit community of top-level developers and experts and our global customer’s multi-talented team. So it’s pretty safe to say that you will get to bounce ideas with equally great minds. Our way of working and thinking suits those who are--or want to be--at the top of their profession. 

Our main frontend technologies are React, Angular, and Vue, and on the backend, we mainly rely on Java/Kotlin, Node.js, C#/.NET, Clojure, and Python/Django. We also mostly work with--but are not limited to--cloud service providers such as AWS, GCP, and Azure. Sneak a peek at some of our customers to see the kind of projects we’re currently working on. But there are also dozens of *hush hush* projects that we don’t toot about in public.

We are passionate about what we do, and although we are known for our laid-back attitude and fun side, we take our projects seriously and never compromise quality. 

Why Vincit?

We are proud to be one of the best places to work in Finland and Europe. Here you can read more about what we have to offer and why Vincit is an excellent home away from home for those who want to design their own roles, shake up the stuffy traditions of working life, and work in an environment that helps people reach their dreams.

Your salary will be based on your experience and expertise. And you’ll naturally get to enjoy Vincit’s many perks and bonus model.

Does all this tickle your fancy?

We thought it might! And we are looking forward to hearing more about you! If there’s anything you’d like to chat about before applying, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Matti Rauhala (Turku) or Anssi Kuutti (Tampere). 

Feel free to send us your application either in English or Finnish.

P.S. Please note that if you live abroad and want to work with us, we need you to have the necessary permits for working in Finland.